Research cited by the Common Core State Standards indicates that students who go on to college and workplace success have learned about 400 words per year. See Appendix A.







Ants: Social Animals
Lexile 270 preview

Abraham Lincoln Lexile 360 preview

People Fly Lexile 370 preview

Who Has Seen the Wind?  Lexile 450 preview

The Sword of Damocles Lexile 520 preview

Seeds Lexile 520 preview

The Olympics Lexile 530 preview

A History of Phones Lexile 630 preview

Landscapes and Portraits Lexile 660 preview

Your Mother Should Know: The Beatles Lexile 750 preview

The Planets Lexile 800 preview

Five Pillars of Islam Lexile 830 preview

Women's Rights Lexile 870 preview

From Kashmir to Connecticut Lexile 920 preview

Casey at the Bat Lexile 960 preview

Life Is a Dream Lexile 980 preview

Entrepreneurs Lexile 1060 preview

Ozymandias Lexile 1080 preview

All the World's a Stage Lexile 1170 preview

Alice in Wonderland Lexile 1270 preview


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